El Salvador

Early in the morning I head to the Guatemala/El Salvador border and it’s a huge mess on the Guatemala side. I have to drive in the wrong lane past a mile of trucks waiting to get to the border, and when I finally arrive at Guatemala immigration and customs they stamp me right out at immigration but there is some computer problem at customs and they can’t cancel my vehicle import permit without a special signoff from the boss. Who is running a little late today. After almost an hour he shows up and starts handling the queue of people waiting to leave.

Finally out of Guatemala and entering El Salvador. The immigration part goes quickly but again at customs I have to wait for quite awhile as the guy who has to stamp the import permit is taking an early lunch. I sit in the shade in the customs area with a couple of Californian guys on motorcycles waiting for the permit to be finalized.


I spent 4 days camping at El Zonte, a tiny surf town with a handful of hostels, restaurants and bars. At this little resort there is a huge iguana that lives by the pool, with his own pet stuffed iguana.


Ate quite a lot of pupusas. They’re so delicious and cheap it never gets old.

Lots of people out surfing and the weather is perfect.


A few more days at El Tunco which is a larger surf town with lots of restaurants, shops, and full of tourists.


Then one night at Playa el Coco which seems like more of a Salvadoran local beach spot. Nice beach outside a small town. Pretty quiet during the week.

Several people here have greeted me by saying “Welcome to El Salvador…it’s not like it used to be.” I guess they know that their country has a bit of a reputation for crime and violence. I’m skipping the capital city San Salvador and some of the parks up north, staying mostly to the beach on the Pacific side. Everyone I have met so far is very friendly and happy to see another tourist coming through.

Final night in El Salvador at a small hotel in Santa Rosa near the Honduras border. Got an oil change and stopped in at the local Pizza Hut for dinner.