Quintana Roo – Mahahual Christmas

After Tulum I drove south along the coast back to Mahahual. It’s closing in on Christmas and it’s funny to see the decorations out on the beach.


Lots of friendly street dogs. i guess they have to be friendly if they live on handouts.


Camping in the Blue Kay resort again. The main reason I am back here is that there is a good dive shop next to the resort with a PADI Open Water dive course at a pretty reasonable rate. I walk into the dive shop at lunch time to ask about the course and they say sure, you can start right now. There is a group of three students who started the course this morning so they hand me the book and tell me to study chapter one. I can take the first written test after lunch and then continue on with the rest of the group. It takes about 3.5 days pretty solid work with studying, exercises off the beach, and four open water dives all day long then more studying and review in the evenings. The diving here is pretty good, in my limited experience. Lots of great reefs just offshore with cool canyons to swim through. I do the final dive and finish the final exam around lunchtime on Christmas Day. Nice Christmas present to myself, I have been wanting to do this for a long time.


Unfortunately, just after finishing the course I come down with a pretty good cold so no more diving for awhile.

Evening at the Blue Kay restaurant/bar, it’s very relaxing. I take one day to rest after finishing the class then on to the next country, Belize.



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