Quintana Roo – Tulum

Upon returning to Cancun from Chicago it suddenly feels very hot, even though it’s only about 88 or so. One last night in the Marriott Courtyard then back down the Yucatan peninsula to Belize. On the Facebook Pan Am Travelers group I see that somebody is looking for someone to pick up a package of motorcycle parts at the post office in Tulum and meet up somewhere in Guatemala next month. Since I’m on the way I volunteer for courier duty. Next day I drive down to Tulum and find the tiny post office. It’s about the size of a one car garage with two guys behind a counter and packages piled up to the ceiling behind them. I give them the tracking info and after about 5 minutes or so they come up with the package. They ask for my ID, which has nothing to do with the name on the package. After writing down all of my Florida drivers license details they hand over the package and I’m on my way. I opened it just to check that it was really a head and piston and not packed full of meth or something like that, since I will be carrying it across two borders.

Off to the ruins at Tulum (site of Bachelor in Paradise I am told) which are much smaller than others I have visited, but the location is beautiful up on cliffs over the Caribbean.


The ruins are covered in iguanas soaking up the sun.


There are actually more people on the beach than touring the ruins.


More iguanas.




Since I already paid $150 pesos to park at the ruins I decided to just camp in the parking lot there, after checking with the parking boss. The ruins close fairly early so it is pretty much emptied out by sundown.

Lots of restaurants and gift shops at the entrance.



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