I have some Marriott points to use so I booked 3 days at the Cancun  airport Marriott Courtyard, 2 days before flying to Chicago and 1 day on the way back. If you stay there they provide parking in their secure lot for a reasonable fee, so I can leave the Land Cruiser behind in Mexico with no worries. The amount of resorts along the way is amazing, pretty much from Tulum up to Cancun is one beach resort after another. Cancun itself is very modern, almost like an American suburb. I go out to the local mall to pick up some snacks and eat dinner and it’s full of parents in BMWs and Mercedes dropping their kids off to hang out.

There is a huge snow storm scheduled to hit the Midwest on the day I’m flying so I’ve been keeping an eye on the weather. My first flight is from Cancun to Houston so no problems there, but when I change planes in Houston it looks like about half the flights going into Chicago are delayed or cancelled. Not mine, luckily. By the time I get into O’Hare nothing is flying out…this is one board of 3 or 4, all the same story:


When I make it down to the Blue Line station I’m quite excited to see not one but two Christmas trains in the station. Mrs Claus and an elf welcome me back to Chicago.

It’s great to spend time with family and friends but holy cow is it cold. These past months traveling the southwest and Mexico have really thinned my blood. It doesn’t help that a couple of days after the big snow storm the temperature drops to -6.


The time passes all too quickly and before I know it I’m back on a plane to Mexico.

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