Chiapas – San Cristobal de las Casas

After three days relaxing in Santa Maria del Tule it’s time to hit the road. It’s about 900 KM to San Cristobal de las Casas over mostly twisty mountain roads. No more blockades, thankfully. The scenery is great, arid mountains covered with cactus.


A short video of mountain driving through Oaxaca. For some reason my dashcam has a high pitched whine so I usually edit out the sound. I added the song that was playing at the time back in for extra ambience.

Oaxaca Highway Driving

It takes me two days to make it to San Cristobal. On the way I stayed at a little no frills hotel in Zapatepec . I pre-booked a hotel in San Cristobal since it seems to be packed with gringos on vacation. It;s the last of the old colonial cities on my Mexico tour. The only downside is that the “free parking” they promised on is street parking. Which nobody does in Mexico. The lady at the hotel desk assures me it is safe to park on the street overnight so I give it a shot. Coming back late to the hotel on the first night I am the only car still parked on the street, but nobody messes with it so I guess it’s OK for another night.


San Cristobal is a another great walking city; the center is pedestrian only so there are lots of interesting restaurants and shops along the streets.

It has a large tree lined square in the center with many benches to sit and watch the city go by.


There are many gringo restaurants on the pedestrian streets but I found a traditional Mexican pizza place a couple blocks outside.


I’m not sure if it is a holiday or just the usual Mexican fireworks but they have gigantic fireworks going off all day and night. During the night there is a group marching around with a band and apparently unlimited fireworks. They’re marching along with trumpets, tuba, and drums then every half block or so they stop and light off a huge firecracker. The entire night. Makes it hard to sleep, and on the second morning around 5:30 I give up on sleep and head off toward Palenque.





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