Baja California

First Mexican campsite is at Cava de la Pirata on the Pacific coast outside Camalu. There is a half built hotel with a restaurant and a few RV spots on the cliffs above the ocean. It is usually cooler on the Pacific side of Baja but there is some kind of cold front moving through and although sunny it is only about 70.


Next day at Don Eddie’s outside San Quintin. It’s kind of a gringo resort but early in the season so not too many people around. I get a nice spot on the bay then head to the restaurant for dinner. It’s still not too warm, after sunset I have to throw on a hoodie.


Cutting across Baja to the Gulf of California. The desert is amazing, all sorts of cactus and the biggest I have seen.


I stop for the night half way across, it’s a little place off the highway with a restaurant and some RV spots. It’s full of these weird cactus trees, they look like something out of a Dr Seuss book. Much warmer here, up into the 80s at last.  After sunset the clouds clear up and I can see thousands of stars.


Continuing along towards the Gulf of California, the desert and mountains are great.


Pulling into Bahia de Los Angeles, it’s quite a sight when you come around the last turn through the mountains and see it all spread out in front of you.


Got a great campsite right on the beach, with a palapa. It’s about 92 now but the water is great for swimming.

While I’m sitting in the palapa looking out at the view, I notice that my right rear tire looks a little low. A little investigation shows that yes I’m screwed.


I have an air compressor and a plug kit so no need to drive into town and look for a llantera (tire shop (even the smallest of towns has one, in larger towns there is one on every other corner)). It’s really hard pulling the screw out with pliers then it hits me, it’s a screw. I grab a phillips and just unscrew it out of the tire. First time I have used a plug kit and it takes a lot of sweating and swearing to get the plug seated all the way in and then extract the tool, but after reinflating it seems to be holding air just fine.


View from inside the tent. It is quite hot but with all of the windows open there is a nice breeze. After sunset it’s very comfortable.


For a change of pace the next day I check in to the Villa Vitta hotel in town, a tourist place with a pool, restaurant, bar, and AC looking out on the water. The actual town is very small, a handful of restaurants, stores, and hotels along the main road. Walking along the road I stop in a little family restaurant for  some tacos and beer, very nice place. All of these restaurants have the whole family working there, little kids in the back doing their homework in between busing tables or running to the store. A six year old girl brings me my beer; she has to stand on tip toe to reach the bottle opener on the wall.

There is a small museum with exhibits on the local flora and fauna. They have an outdoor exhibit naming all of the local plants, it turns out that those weird cactus trees in the desert are Boojum Trees.



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