Arizona part II

I don’t have too long before I have to be in LA so I kind of breezed through southern New Mexico on the way west. Stayed one night at a KOA in Las Cruces then on to Arizona.

I have wanted to hike up Picacho Peak for some time, but every time we go past it I haven’t been able to talk anybody else into going.  Spent the night in the state park at the base of the peak then started off on the hike next morning while it was still somewhat cool.


It’s only about 2 miles each way but the trail is very steep and rocky. In places there are cables anchored into the cliff to help you get up and back down


or here to keep from falling off


Once you get to the top the view is great. I sat up here for awhile enjoying the scenery, despite the I-10 interstate below it is very quiet. I only met two other people on the trail. With all of the rocks, cables, and general steepness it took me just as long to hike down as up, so by the time I arrived back at the trailhead it was up to 95.


Drove up to Phoenix and treated myself to a night in the Marriott Canyon Villas, in a “studio villa.” Compact but very nice after all the camping. I have been pining for some real Chicago pizza and made a stop at the new Lou Malnati’s Phoenix location, got the Chicago Classic which really hit the spot.

Next day it was actually rainy all day, due to some tropical storm down south. Visited the Martin Auto Museum, a very cool place with beautifully preserved cars from the early 1900s up to today. This Shelby Cobra was part of Carroll Shelby’s private collection for awhile then sold to Mr. Martin.It’s an amazing car, they estimate its worth at around $2 million. They wouldn’t let me sit in it.


Still raining so I watched Suicide Squad at the theater, pretty entertaining.

Stopped in to visit Gina Matt and Mia. Got a few barks from Mia before she recognized me then she was quite excited to see me again.


Off towards LA, stayed at an RV park in Quartzsite AZ. In the morning I watched this huge scorpion creeping past the campsite. It’s the biggest one I’ve seen, about the size of my hand.



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