New Mexico

First night in New Mexico I arrived late to Gallup NM and stayed in a motel on Historic Route 66. Got some great chiles rellenos at a little cafe in town.

Continuing on to Albuquerque, first thing is a Breaking Bad tour.

The Dog House was the site of several meetings in both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.


It’s a Wiener’s Circle type place, seems to be very popular. Their specialty is the foot long chili cheese dog, charred not boiled. It was very tasty.


The A-1 car wash


The White house. I feel sorry for the lady who lives here now, there are bars on all the windows and doors, big fence, security cameras and signs all over. You can see her sitting in the garage ready to chase off sightseers. I guess people are constantly trying to throw a pizza onto the garage roof.


Hiked around Petroglyph National Monument. These images date back 400-700 years.

and toured the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, which also appeared in a Breaking Bad episode.

On the left is The Gadget, first plutonium bomb detonated at the Trinity Site in Alamogordo NM, to the right Fat Man and Little Boy which were detonated over Japan.

Atomic cannon


You could get one of these science kits for your kid back in the 1950s


Continuing east toward Texas, the grave of Billy the Kid at the old Fort Sumner cemetery. This headstone was added in 1931 and has been stolen and recovered several times since.



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