Alaska Highway pt 2 and BC

After a rest day at Chena River doing not much but sitting in the sun and enjoying the summer weather (it was up to 72 that day) I leave heading back along the Alaska Highway to Canada. The weather is still good so it’s a different trip than on the way in when it was mostly raining. Since I’ve been through it before I decide to make the trip back to Watson Lake in 2 long days.


Stopped for the night in Haines Junction BC then next day leaving the Yukon into British Columbia just before Watson Lake.


At this point highway 37 runs south and west toward Vancouver. It’s about 400 miles long and very scenic, passing through mountains, forests, tons of lakes and rivers.

I stop for lunch by one of the many lakes then decided to go for a swim since it was such a nice day, almost 68. When I get in I realize that although the beach was small gravel rocks, the lake is filled with millions of sharp edged rocks. That’s when I notice that all of the little kids swimming around me are wearing crocs. Not having any crocs, it was a very short swim.


It’s a beautiful fall day, upper 60’s and sunny, the leaves on the aspens are turning gold and starting to fall on the road. Hard to believe it’s the beginning of August.


I camp at Bell Crossing 2, just a single resort in the middle of nowhere. It’s very nice, it has a main lodge with a fancy restaurant, a bunch of alpine style cottages and chalets.


Also has laundry and exercise room, but best of all the hot tub. I sat in here for half an hour or so just soaking and looking around at the mountains.


Next morning is a little overcast but still a nice fall day. I’ve only had one day over 70 in the last couple of weeks.


There is a 63km side road to Stewart BC which I decide to take as it passes through a lot of glaciers and waterfalls.




Just past Stewart is the town of Hyder Alaska. The only way to get here is though many miles of Canada. The downtown is pretty dead, I guess all of the 87 residents are at home.


After 10 minutes touring Hyder I turn around and re-enter Canada. There is no US customs entering Hyder but there is a regular Canadian customs checkpoint going the other way. The customs agent is very thorough, I was tempted to point out that had she been looking out her window just ten minutes ago she should have seen me passing by into Hyder. After a few minutes I am back into Canada.


The Canadian Railway Museum in Prince George.


The engineer’s station in a locomotive. I would have thought there would be more levers and switches.


Continuing south, river campground near Quesnel BC


And finally at Cache Creek BC. This is Lisa the alpaca.


I had been thinking of spending a couple of days in Vancouver but decided to skip the big city for now and return to the US.

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