It’s much easier entering Alaska than Canada, a few questions and I’m on my way. The no man’s land is really wide here at the US-Canada border; it’s 16 miles after I pass Canada customs until I arrive at US customs. After a week in Canada it seems a little odd driving in mph again but I quickly get used to it.

Shortly after entering Alaska I see a black bear

Alaska Highway – Black Bear

Arriving at Tok AK, the first town of any size, I stop for the night at the Alaskan Stoves campground. It’s a private campground on the honor system, pick your spot, put your money in an envelope and drop in the slot. It’s right on the edge of the Tok airstrip so there are some single-engine planes and helicopters coming and leaving until dark but not too bad. It has a nice outdoor area featuring the Alaskan stoves. I leave a couple of the books I’ve been reading on the road in the local library.


Next morning I drive 100 miles or so to Delta Junction, the official end of the Alaska Highway.


Then another 100 miles into Fairbanks. It’s rainy and cold so I grab a spot in the Chena River state park and stop in the local Pizza Hut for dinner. Tomorrow it’s off to the Dalton Highway.



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