British Columbia

Stayed in Dawson Creek BC at Mile 0 of the Alaska highway. It starts here and runs 1387 miles to Delta Junction AK, almost to Fairbanks. The highway was built in WW II to connect the lower 48 states to Alaska and for a long time was unpaved. It used to be quite an adventure to drive this highway but it’s not bad now. Since it’s summer there is a lot of construction going on with loose gravel everywhere on the highway.


From Dawson Creek to Fort Nelson it’s mostly open road through the fir and aspen forests.


Camped in Fort Nelson, then next day the highway turned west into the Rockies. Speed limit is 80 km/h the whole way. Saw a lot of wildlife along the road, a caribou:


Lunch spot at Muncho Lake


Saw a lot of goats along the road, I’m not sure what they’re eating; it looks like just gravel.



In the more mountainous section a lynx walked across the road right in front of me, too fast to get a picture. Also saw a bear along the side of the road. It was digging at something, I couldn’t really tell if it was a black or brown bear.

Traffic jam with a small bison herd:

Alaska Highway – Bison

4 thoughts on “British Columbia”

  1. Too funny that your lunch spot was Muncho Lake, LOL. And bad enough to have road construction, but bison blockage – looked at one point like one of them was going to walk right in front of you!


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