Black Hills

Next stop is Custer State Park in the Black Hills. It’s a very nice park but like most state parks the fees are crazy. $21.30 for a tent campsite, not bad so far. Then $7 for non-resident reservation, sales tax, tourism tax and it’s up to $30. Then when I show up at the park it’s another $20 entrance fee.  After settling in to camp I take a drive around the wilderness loop to see the wildlife.

Prairie Dogs, this one was just sitting on his butt next to his hole while the other one was rubbing his back. He must be Mayor of Prairie Dog Town.


A few deer, one big bison sitting by himself next to the road, and an antelope.


Next morning, back on the wildlife loop looking for herds of bison. Found one smallish herd.


and tons of antelope and deer were out in the morning. I took a forest service unpaved road up into the bison grazing area, nice drive but no more bison.


Leaving the state park I found a campsite in the Black Hills National Forest, finally made a campfire


I went into the nearby town of Custer for some dinner.  After dinner I walked down Main St and there was a couple playing music in a small amphitheater in the town center. At first I thought they were random people playing for change, but they had a large poster of themselves and a PA set up. The music was so terrible I thought it was some kind of satire but everyone in the audience was tapping their feet and applauding each song. They mentioned that they had been married for 24 years and has been playing music for much of that time The guys’ guitar was out of tune and he kept mangling chords while singing out of tune. They were playing 60’s folk songs and the woman also sang out of tune and with odd phrasing of the lyrics. I kept waiting for her to whip out a tambourine or a cow bell but they probably save that for the finale. I had to leave after 10 minutes or so.


2 thoughts on “Black Hills”

  1. Hope you’re keeping a tally of all your expenses. I would love to know the cost from beginning to end for this great adventure! Stay safe.


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