South Dakota

It’s been a busy few days. Kelsey complained that she didn’t get an official goodbye so I went up to Chicago from Starved Rock for the afternoon. We hit Eataly for pizzas then a stop at Molly’s Cupcakes.


I decided to go NW towards Badlands SD on I90, leaving Chicago in a pretty good thunderstorm I continued on along I90 to Madison WI and stopped at a Walmart. This one already had several RVs overnighting in the parking lot so I didn’t feel too weird pulling in and popping up my tent.

Next morning I continued on I90 stopping in at the Wisconsin Dells and ending at Mill Bluffs State Park.  It has a lake with a nice sand beach


unfortunately just as I was about to go for a swim clouds rolled in and it got quite chilly. Due to the surrounding bluffs cell and data reception was very spotty.

Next morning I hiked up to the top of Mill Bluff and found an excellent view along with cellphone reception


It seems a little much to go up 235 steps every time you want to send a text but I guess the pioneers were made of sterner stuff.

Leaving Wisconsin for Minnesota I crossed the Missippi River


Then continued on to Myre-Big Island State Park outside of Albert Lea. Not a bad spot but bugs were bad at sundown, lucky I have 98.3% DEET left over from Africa. There was a guy in a Tiny House in the campsite behind me, it was kind of lumpy looking like he made it himself after downing a six pack


Quite a big thunderstorm that night and rain well into the morning. I just stayed in the rooftop tent reading a book until there was a break in the rain, then packed up and headed for South Dakota.

Driving through a lot of rain and big winds I arrived at the Mitchell SD KOA. For those who don’t know Mitchell is home to the world famous Corn Palace. I’m planning a visit tomorrow then on to the Badlands.




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