Getting Close



I have submitted my resignation from work and have been working hard on my to do list getting ready to leave on the Big Trip. It’s been hard winnowing down all of my possessions into what will fit into a Land Cruiser, apart from some personal stuff my sister Leonie has graciously agreed to store for me. You can’t just make one pass through all of your possessions and say “keep this, get rid of that.”  It’s an incremental process, I’ve been through clothes probably 4 times now. I guess I won’t really know exactly what I can keep until the day everything is packed up and I set off down the road.

Also been doing a lot of work on the Land Cruiser, getting it ready for a long trip. Lots of preventive maintenance plus upgrades. This weekend I have to knock out the rear storage and power plus the last of the suspension upgrades and it should be ready to go.



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